Natural Walking Bindings

If you like walking with ski at feet or you make long flat rando, or frequent up-downhill, the NATURAL WALKING BINDINGS(p) and the NATURAL WALKING PLATE (P) helps you to save energy and back pain since lives your boot toe totally free to rise during the step.

Though for flat walkers, we discover that it will help you lot expecially in climbing.

Step will be 10-30% longer, with less energy consumption since the ski and it's weight rest onto the snow.


Natural Walking Bindings Generation 3

Natural Walking Binding G3

Available the third generation NWB - G3 with integrated bindings designed for weight optimization: less than 400 gr., all inclusive!

It is possible to buy the NWP-G3 version (P means Plate) for rear bindings with adjustable load DIN

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